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Welcome to Smithsonian Science – featuring science news about the Smithsonian’s research that asks questions and explores issues relevant to today to push the boundaries of human knowledge.

More than simply displaying science in a glass case, the Smithsonian does science. Science plays a critical role in the daily life of the Smithsonian. Our scientists investigate animals and events from millions of years in the past and imagine the future at the far reaches of the universe.

Every day, Smithsonian scientists examine many of the world’s most complex and time-sensitive problems. Our scientists apply what they learn to improve the quality of life on Earth. They protect natural resources and endangered animals, assess the consequences of climate change and even help keep aircraft safe from bird strikes.

More than 500 Smithsonian scientists, augmented by an equal number of fellows and hundreds of international collaborators, conduct research on all seven continents and serve as experts in a wide scope of disciplines. We’ll bring you their stories, news, scientific breakthroughs and new discoveries.

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